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Exit Strategy

An exit strategy in business refers to how you plan to transfer ownership of the company when you leave. Taking your business from Relationship Value to Enterprise Value is key to driving maximum valuation. If your business is worth $10 million, how you then turn it into $10 million?

Along with a business plan, your exit plan will give investors and creditors the confidence that their money is protected. From the very start of your business venture, you should know how you plan to leave it.

Exit Strategy Offerings

  • Written Exit Strategy

  • Succession Plan

  • Leadership Retention Strategies

  • Valuation Strategies

  • Surplus Pool Creation and other Buy Out Strategies

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Legacy Planning

You’ve worked your life to achieve this goal… now what? Legacy planning is preparing how you will leave your property and assets to your loved ones. Transferring wealth and assets to beneficiaries is often far from simple. A professional advisor can help you arrange all the details of our investments and build a plan that helps to ensure a long legacy for future generations.

Legacy Planning Offerings:

  • Estate Planning

  • Lifetime Income Planning

  • Health Insurance Cost Strategies

  • Charitable Gift Planning

  • Estate Transition Planning

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