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The global economy has been flourishing, resulting in more jobs and economic opportunities than ever before. With the world getting increasingly connected, it’s easier than ever to start a business, reach customers, and scale to new heights of success—all while helping others around the world do the same. While looking ahead at entrepreneurship in 2022 may seem like an impossible task, we’ve done our best to highlight some of the entrepreneurs who are poised to take over the global market in this next decade.


Claudio Gambin continues to blaze a trail in the world of finance and business consulting. After graduating from the University of Central Florida, Claudio started as an intern in the financial services business and quickly fell in love with the work. He became a full-time Financial Advisor in 2010 and went on to open his own firm, GFG Solutions, in 2018. Through years of working with business owners and entrepreneurs, Claudio realized his passion and specialty for helping those clients in the areas of risk management, cumulative tax planning, estate distribution strategies and business transfer planning. GFG Solutions exists to bring peace of mind, clarity, and happiness to clients that own and manage businesses. Claudio continues to help business owners all over the world move from relationship value to enterprise value. 

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