A Unique Approach to Employee Benefits

GFG Benefits Provides Human-First Benefits Solutions for Businesses Like Yours.

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Tina Craft Benefits Specialist

GFG Benefits:
Humans Over Transactions.

GFG Benefits was created to better serve the number one asset in any business: the people.

Specializing in:

  • Employee Benefit Programs

  • Administrative Planning

  • Talent Management Solutions

  • Budget/Cost Containment

  • Fiduciary Compliance

  • Benefits Education

  • Process Improvement

  • Consumer Advocacy

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Our Unique Approach

Valuing humans over transactions

Building value through education

Connecting & Serving the community

GFG Benefits Services

Solutions for your business, simplified, has always been the core purpose of GFG. The addition of GFG Benefits allows us to continue deepening that purpose.

Benefits Planning

  • Identify recruiting & retention strategy
  • Maximize tax advantage
  • Creative portfolio design

Employer Experience

  • Audit plan administration for process improvement
  • Tactical consulting for talent management

Employee Experience

  • Consumer education Health & wealth advocate
  • Steward of simplifying the complex

Risk Management

  • Minimizing fiduciary liability
  • Proactive audit
  • Focused compliance recommendations

Employee Benefits, Simplified.

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