Risk Management

Tailored Risk Management Plans for Businesses at Any Stage

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Asking the Right Questions

Risk Management is not one size fits all. Building a comprehensive risk management plan starts with understanding your current situation.

We start by asking a few key questions to set the stage:

  1. What do you own?
  2. How do you own it?
  3. Where do you own it?

Finding the Right Approach

There are different ways to approach risk management depending on the stage of your business.

  1. Are you in the foundational business planning stage?
  2. Do you already have an established business?
  3. Do you have a complex business and want to discuss risk management regarding exist strategy?
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Creating Your Risk Management Roadmap 

We will write you a roadmap that fits the exact stage of your business that includes all of the following and more:

  • Risk Analysis 
    How are you protected? What coverages do you have in place? Will they protect you or make you more liable?

  • Insurance Inventory and Planning 
    Are you growing and not increasing your coverage?

  • Operating Agreement Audit and Strategies 
    Is everything in the agreement that needs to be? What happens if your partner passes? Do you have a buy/sell clause? How do shares transfer?

  • Executive Summary and Objectives 
    Do you have the proper documents in place?

  • Liquidity Planning
    How much cash should you keep on hand? How should you appropriate it?

  • Entity Structure 
    How do you own your company?

  • Cash Flow Analysis 
    What’s coming in vs. what’s going out? How are you managing surplus?

Risk Management, Done Right

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