Team Members

Meet our team of Financial and Business Service professionals, that work tirelessly to provide you with the very best service and support. 

Michelle Taylor
Financial Advisor
Bradley Carrier
Financial Advisor
Evan Gruchot
Director of Investments
Maria Burgos
Director of Insurance Operations
James Oswald
Director of Planning
Dani Cirilo
Director of Operations
Taylor Perez
Director of Marketing
Charles Lytle
Insurance Operations Specialist
Enrique Loscher
Investment Operations Specialist
Ruben Z. Diaz
Investment Operations Specialist
Joy Jiang
Investment Operations Specialist
Lindsay Cameron
Administrative Coordinator
Jill Richardson
Business Development & Consultant
Laura Jones
Executive Operations
Nadine Orellana
Executive Assistant
Chelsea Gonzalez
Executive Assistant
Wendy Jimenez
Daniel Breitbarg
Benefits & Payroll Account Manager
Kat McDonough
Relationship Manager
Ryan Smith
Financial Planning Consultant

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