Lessons in Life and Leadership from GFG, Part 2

True love and business?

Yes, it can co-exist. True love in business can be found in a few different areas:

  • It’s in the passion that drove the idea behind the business. 
  • It’s the time put in to nurture the growth, both organizationally and personally. 
  • It’s when the employee and the employer are both grateful to have each other.

Let’s hone in on the employee/employer relationship. Good employee relations are one of the most vital parts of a successful business plan. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Happy employees = Great loyalty. Employees don’t leave their jobs, they leave their bosses. If a work culture is unhealthy, employees wont think twice about leaving their jobs. 
  2. Enhanced motivation. Companies that have engaged workers experience higher productivity. Who doesn’t want that? On the other hand, disengaged employees can cost organizations potentially millions of dollars in lost productivity over time. Organizations need to ensure that their employees feel appreciated, supported and empowered to increase morale.
  3. Increase in revenue. The benefits of a healthy work environment are not only felt within the office, but also felt by the customers or clients. Motivated employees —> greater client satisfaction —> tends to point to an increase in revenue. 

“Bringing great people onto your team is about demonstrating that size really doesn’t matter – people do.” -Jess Campbell. Here, quality over quantity rings true.

Together, everyone really does achieve more. 

Teamwork is crucial for maintaining a positive company culture. Understanding the importance of collaboration in the workplace can help you build upon your skill set and improve your ability to network. In many cases, professionals can develop their skills further when working in solid collaboration and utilizing cooperation skills to accomplish their goals.

At GFG, our synergy is better than ever, and we are grateful every day. Here are 7 ways we cultivate teamwork in the workplace:

  1. Build trust
  2. Provide opportunities to collaborate
  3. Interdepartmental communication
  4. Sharing goals
  5. Advocate for your team
  6. Celebrate team achievements
  7. Use project management tools

Our personal favorite is #6. We had an amazing team weekend in January, celebrating many milestones, and we definitely came back even stronger. Below are a few photos of our weekend. 

Curious about what makes up our GFG culture? Reach out! We’d love to chat with you.

Company values matter.

Company values, or core values, are not just buzzwords or phrases. They should drive action. They are how you expect your employees to behave; they bring your “why” to life. “When you are led by values, it doesn’t cost your business, it helps your business.” – Jerry Greenfield.

We were very inspired this year to nail down what our core values are here at GFG. And without further ado, here they are:

  1. Choose Your Attitude
  2. Radical Ownership
  3. Dream Big
  4. Lifelong Growth
  5. Let’s Play

Showcasing the company values on a PowerPoint, your headquarters’ wall, or in a marketing campaign won’t bring those core beliefs to life. Company values only make sense if they’re practiced.

We are in the process of building out exactly how these are implemented and ingrained into our culture. We have the whole team involved in this process and we look forward to our meetings around this. Stay tuned as we would love to share some unique ways we will be living out these values. We will leave you with this thought: If your values don’t force you to make tough choices, or if they don’t make you feel uncomfortable sometimes, then they’re just nice-to-have, but not true core values.