The Transfer of America’s Wealth to Women

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Discover The Future of America’s Wealth — and Why Wealth is Transferring to Women.

It’s no surprise that men and women think and feel differently about money.

Women are poised to take the spotlight in the coming years when it comes to wealth management and leadership in the workforce.

In fact, women are expected to control much of the $30 trillion in financial assets that baby boomers will possess over the next decade – a potential wealth transfer of such magnitude that it approaches the annual GDP of the United States!1

Learn more about how women are becoming more financially savvy and making more household decisions than ever before as they pave their way to financial freedom.

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  • What the future holds for women in wealth and what the changing hands of wealth in America might look like
  • The rise of women in the workforce and the benefits of having female leadership as a part of your business
  • The impact of a more holistic approach to wealth management and investments while taking into consideration how women invest their money differently



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