Female executive sitting at coffee table in a modern office

As women move into leadership roles and positions of financial authority, a reliable financial professional can make a huge difference to women navigating money management. The presence of a financial professional is key, especially one that women feel they can trust to guide them in their financial planning and decision making. There are many factors that female executives should consider when evaluating the potential hiring of a financial professional. 

First and foremost, experience in the space with other female executives can help women feel like they are building a relationship with a professional that can use prior knowledge to help them in the best possible way. Requesting an overview of what a particular professional’s experience has looked like with other professional women will help build an understanding of their knowledge and insight with females building financial strategies. 

Female executives must look for a professional they can easily communicate with to ask questions and gather information when developing their financial intelligence. It’s important to find someone that creates an open dialogue versus making assumptions about goals and financial comprehension. Additionally, a clear understanding of fees and relationship expectations upfront will be pivotal to knowing if a partnership is feasible and setting it up for success. 

Female executives should look for financial professionals that have a somewhat comprehensive approach to financial strategy while being able to understand the nuances of her career path and goals.

Women often have more ambiguous career timelines, in part by taking time off for family care, leading to more uncertainty as to expectations of steady income than men. This coupled with an awareness of the possibility of employment changes, illness, or a change in family dynamics could create an alteration in financial security. Executive women looking for a trusted partner in their financial journey must see that their advisor understands these distinctions and can assist in planning for them as much as possible. 

In the search for a fitting financial professional, arguably the most important distinction will be shared values with an advisor. Women want to be sure that their investment strategies are aligned with their long-term goals, both personally and professionally. A financial professional that is aware of these values and shares them will lay the foundation for a mutual understanding and a relationship built on financial morals that will last. 

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