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Women in Wealth (WIW) is an initiative at Gambin Financial Group singularly focused on creating a pre-eminent financial planning experience for women that will help change the way they think and feel about money.

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We aim to provide women a more experience driven, goal focused, risk-managed approach to investing and planning.

How Will We Do This?

At Gambin Financial Group, we have built our expertise in working with business owners, entrepreneurs and executive level professionals. Women in Wealth was born to acknowledge the women in those industries who have arrived, yet ask themselves, what’s next?

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Our Guideposts for Women in Wealth


Built-in Professional Advisory Board

We are bringing to the table, for every client, strategic partners to be your personal advisory board. Whether you need an estate planning attorney, CPA, Real Estate Advisor, Benefits Specialist, Corporate Attorney or Banker, our team has already spent the time vetting great professionals to serve in those areas and will coordinate and quarterback all meetings to ensure your planning gets done with your goals in mind. Additionally, if you already have trusted relationships in theses areas, we will work in close collaboration with them to accomplish your planning needs.


Education & Advocacy

Women have self-reported lower confidence in their financial decision making and investment acumen. We believe this underscores the responsibility of advisors to do a better job of listening, educating and advocating for their clients. Creating an environment where women can ask questions and explain goals, free of judgement, is so important to us!


The Experience

Women show a greater demand for advice and relationships than men of the same net worth. Our primary goal is to create an experience for women in which they are receiving world-class advice and planning services while building a deep and meaningful relationship with their advisor. With a high-touch service model, educational resources, client events and much more, our Women in Wealth initiative is changing the game in what your experience will feel like with financial planning.

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Who We Are


CEO & Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor

Our Strategic Alliances

Brooke Murrin
Insurance Specialist

Suzanne Meehle

Suzanne Meehle 
Corporate Attorney

Yaritza Srichaiyan Real Estate Advisor

Yaritza Srichaiyan 
Real Estate Advisor

Tina Craft Benefits Specialist

Tina Craft 
Benefits Specialist

Elizabeth Bertrand 
Estate Planning Attorney

Viviana Frias-Diaz 

Tatiana Podel

Tatiana Podel

Women Are Ready to Take Center Stage!


Women are expected to control as much as $30 trillion in financial assets within the decade.

By 2030, American women are expected to control much of the $30 trillion in financial assets that baby boomers will possess—a potential wealth transfer of such magnitude that it approaches the annual GDP of the United States.i


Younger women are becoming more financially savvy than previous generations.

Younger women are making more financial household decisions. They’re joining board rooms and C-Suites at ever increasing rates, giving them increased access and control of wealth.ii

i, ii Source: McKinsey.com


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